Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape

Whether or not it’s another nostalgic fad, cassette tapes, like vinyl records, are experiencing a resurgence, which director Zack Taylor explores in his new film, Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape. Taylor interviews Lou Ottens, the 91-year-old Dutch engineer who, while at Philips, helped develop the cassette and who, like many of us, is amused by the audio format’s renewed popularity. The movie also includes reminiscences by Henry Rollins (seen picking through his shelves and shelves of saved tapes), Ian MacKaye, Thurston Moore, Daniel Johnston, Mike Watt, Damien Jurado, Rob Sheffield, members of the hip-hop community and others, who recall not only their favorite cassettes but also how making mixtapes in the pre-playlist 1980s was less a hobby than a carefully curated labor of love.

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