Downtown Film Festival L.A. Announces 2015
Call For Entries And 50% Women Filmmaker’s Mandate


7th Annual Festival To Be Held July 22-26 Throughout Venues
in Historic Downtown Los Angeles


In Response to Industry’s ‘Celluloid Ceiling, Organizers Mandate
50% Of Films At Festival Be by Women Directors


LOS ANGELES – February 1, 2015 – “We must do something about the shocking under representation of women in positions of power – both executive and creative – in the American film industry and in response, Downtown Film Festival L.A. is committing to program half of the films by women directors at this year’s festival,” said Downtown Film Festival L.A’s programming director Carolyn Schroeder, in announcing today the festival’s 2015 plans.


The 2015 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles (DFFLA) will be held July 22-26 in venues throughout downtown Los Angeles. Film submissions are now being accepted in all categories including narrative and documentary features, shorts and experimental films.


“The facts are clear about women in Hollywood. According to a recent study, only 7% of the top 250 grossing films in 2014 had a woman at the helm, and women comprised 17% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers. All of us should do whatever we can to end this unnatural imbalance, and we hope to contribute in our own way with our 50% mandate,” said Schroeder. (Source: Center for the Study of Women and Film In Television.)


Downtown Film Festival L.A. was established in 2008 by professionals in the film industry to provide a platform for independent filmmakers in the historic center of the Film Capital of the World. Since its inception, the festival has premiere more than 500 films.


“We’ve always strived to reflect in our programming choices the unique convergence of diverse cultures in downtown LA. But this year, we realized that we were part of the problem when it came to the largest underrepresented group in our own industry, namely women. Our 50% women filmmakers mandate for this year’s festival is our way of taking action,” added Greg Ptacek, one of the co-founders of the festival.


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