Trailer Contest (Give Us Your Best Café Society)

Here’s your chance for BIG SCREEN exposure for the cost of a good idea. DTLA Film Festival announces its 2017 trailer contest, which we’re dubbing “Café Society.”

There was a time in the not-to-distant past when today’s “creative class” was called Café Society. Really. Look it up. We figure today’s denizens of DTLA are the successors to the Café Society of yore — just more wired.

So, that becomes the theme of our trailer contest. You’re invited to submit a one-minute trailer that encapsulates the “café society” of DTLA circa 2017.

Rules follow:

  1. It must be shot in a ”café society” setting (actual or not) with a distinctly DTLA vibe, e.g. a coffeehouse, a lounge, an eatery
  2. There must at least one shot of an instantly recognizable DTLA landmark
  3. The script must make two references  1) to “DTLA” and 2) to a well-known film director.

Beyond that, there are no rules. Shoot in black-and-white or color. Make it live action or animation (or something else – use sock puppets if you like). And don’t worry so much about technical quality per se: We’re fine with you shooting it on a smart phone (but the lighting better be damn good!) See Tangerine.

Send us a low-res v. of your finished 1-minute trailer to:, subject line “Trailer Contest | YOUR NAME

That’s it! Oh, right, the deadline: June 1st. The winning entry will be shown before the Opening Night and Closing Night Films of the 2017 DTLA Film Festival, and be posted on the Festival website for 6 months beginning Sept. 1, 2017.

Questions? Ask the man behind the curtain at

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