Industry Panels Explore NFTs, Hot-Button Topics, Film Finance

Free Film Industry Panels Explore Hot-Button Topics, NFTs and Film Financing at DTLA Film Festival, Sat. Sept. 17

Three free-to-the-public industry panels during the 2022 DTLA Film Festival will explore a wide range of filmmaking topics from making movies on controversial topics in a highly partisan society to how all things metaverse figure into the formula for making indie films. All three panels will be held the afternoon of Sat. Sept 17 at SAS Movie Studios at 1755 N. Main St. in downtown L.A.

The schedule follows; a half-hour break will be held between each panel. Additional details, including the speakers, can be found here.

12 noon | Handling Hot Button Topics in Narrative or Documentary Film | In today’s highly partisan society, creating stories involving controversial social, political and moral issue is fraught with risk. A recent front page article in The New York Times reported how even the all-American notion of “The American Dream” has become weaponized. In this panel directors and writers. screening films at his year’s DTLA Film Fest discuss their motives for tacking hot-button issues, the challenges of keeping true to their vision without alienating audiences, and how in some case they were even able to inject humor into the movies.

1:30 pm | Indie Films in the Metaverse — How Filmmakers Can Use Block Chain Technology, NFTs and DAOs | In this timely discussion, our panel of experts discuss how the time is now for filmmakers to embrace the possibilities offered by blockchain technology, NFTs and even DAOs to assist in the development, production, marketing and distribution of their films. The promise of filmmaking in the Metaverse is that it offers filmmakers a chance to go beyond current models of crowd funding and tap into a worldwide audience of fans willing to invest in their films for a return on their investment.

3:00 pm | Film Finance In Turbulent Times | The pandemic accelerated a trend already gaining steam in which films go directly to streaming services. For those of us who think of cinema as inextricably tied to more theaters, it was disheartening, however, at least filmmakers could count on a whole new revenue stream. Then, this year the streaming networks’ Titanic hit an iceberg with major players like Netflix beginning to lose viewers and for some, drown in a ocean of red ink. The good news is that the production of motion picture programming is booming! Our panel of experts are here to break down the conflicting signals and advise indie filmmakers on the best ways to navigate the current turbulent waters of independent film finance.

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