TV Pilots Program

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 30 min
Directed by: Sophia Peer

After jail-time, 12-step programs and five marriages, Annie begins her acting career in her mid-fifties with the help of a young director she met at a Burger King. In this show within a show, Annie tackles both her gigs as an actor and the role of herself in her own life story.


TV Pilots Program

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 21 min
Directed by: Blaise Beyhan

HAND ME DOWNS is episodic ensemble series that explores the consequences and nuances of American masculinity on a group of friends. This programming is handed down generation to generation, father to son, brother to brother, friend to friend. we follow the group of friends through everyday life with their hand me downs guiding each step they take.


TV Pilots Program

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 19 min
Directed by: Elias Plagianos

A lonely hitman from New York City travels to small towns around the country trying to find meaning in his inconsequential life as he fulfills his contracts and eliminates his targets. Based on the best selling "Hit Man" book series by Grand Master of mystery Lawrence Block. Starring Richard Kind, Karen Allen, William Sadler, and Peter Riegert.


TV Pilots Program

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 29 min
Directed by: Melanie Renfroe

A dark comedy about two best friends staring down the barrel of 40, facing the painful truth that their individual hopes for motherhood have been bested by dead-end careers and unfaithful partners. At the end of their collective ropes, a rage- and alcohol-fueled science experiment becomes their dark solution to the genetic injustice of their biological clocks.


Webseries Program 1

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 55 min
Directed by: Angela Cohen

Girl at a Bar is a short form series about a young woman's journey to bars alone for a year to reclaim her identity after half a decade debilitated with Lyme disease. Gabby spent years disabled with Lyme and now significantly recovered, she is ready to get her life back, so she plans a party to celebrate her improved health. But everyone flakes. So she goes to the bar up the street and there she realizes no-one treats her like she’s sick and for once, her health is not the focus. Gabby decides to keep going to bars alone, to explore her city and herself as a more able-bodied woman- still grappling with her past and managing her illness, but redefining her future. Made possible by Bay Area Lyme Foundation, the project is inspired by the writer and creator Tracy Mulholland's blog and true story of being disabled with Lyme.


Webseries Program 2

Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy
Running Time: 27 min
Directed by: Ari Grabb

An animated web series about a talking artificially intelligent banana and his eggplant sidekick existing within a procedurally generated anime that appears to be mysteriously glitching. With the progression of the series, the themes move from the absurdity and conventions of anime into existential questions about the nature of reality, The role of AI in art and Capitalism, and how much of ourselves exist within our animation.


Webseries Program 2

Running Time: 18 min
Directed by: Brian Horn, Doug Gregory

With Anubis unleashed, the Omnic Crisis takes hold. Humanity faces demise as only a select few, codename: Overwatch, have what it takes to fight back.